Deportation of U.S. Teen to Colombia Latest Failure of Immigration System

Deportation of U.S. Teen to Colombia Latest Failure of Immigration System

Below are direct links to people who were interviewed by Democracy Now!
Its important to pay attention to America’s Government in solving issues by creating Departmental Agencies such as ‘Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE)’.

Due to continual dominated two party Congress, it has Failed to Pass the “Dream Act” and Obama’s Policy has essentially not gone as expected.
It is a tragedy to Non-criminal immigrant families and children and even American citizens who are incarcerated and deported (Human Tragedy said simply and nicely for their is more to it). Who is accountable? I will raise my hand first as an American citizen for not becoming aware, educated and participating to correct these misfortunes to my fellow immigrants and US citizens. Who will it be the next person?

What is Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE)? Its purpose?
Facts and Fiction?

FACT: Media have suggested that ICE is aggressively dismissing cases based on a directive from Director Morton. This just isn’t true. ICE enforcement is alive and well. For two years in a row, ICE has removed a record number of illegal aliens from communities across the United States. The agency focuses limited resources on three high priority areas—the identification and removal of criminals and national security threats, fugitives, and recent border entrants and others who game the system. Last year, ICE removed substantially more criminal aliens than ever before.

Contrary to what our ICE agency’s website is publicly disseminating. Ronald Campell’s article in
‘Orange County Register’
“How many criminals is ICE really deporting?”

The Obama administration says it is deporting a record number of criminals.
The truth, however, is more complicated — and the administration’s rhetoric may be influenced by the political tightrope it’s walking as it tries simultaneously to please Latinos and independent voters.


Another person interviewed by Democracy Now, Jacqueline Stevens, Northwestern University, Political Science Professor, has on her blog an article,

“Of Course ICE Is Deporting Teenage Americans Who Speak No Spanish To Colombia”

states the following, “The horrifying experience of Jakadrian Turner, a 14 year-old U.S. citizen who speaks no Spanish but who was deported to Colombia in April, 2011, will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the systematic law-breaking by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, and the failure of the Department of Justice to do anything about it.”

Two other persons from Dallas, TX were interviewed by Democracy Now.
Rev. Peter Johnson and Ralph Isenberg gave their experiences of ICE’s misuse of authority on Immigrants and US citizens.

Rev. Johnson (Civil Rights advocate) and Isenberg (Immigration advocate) are long time friends. Isenberg has been reported by Brett Shipp of News, ‘Outspoken contributor snubbed by Obama’ …”At least one person who paid his $10,000 to eat and mingle with President Obama in Dallas Monday evening did not show up.”

Isenberg has also been reported by New York Times – Julia Preston,
“Deportation Halted for Some Students as Lawmakers Seek New Policy” has reported on ‘Isenburg’ Immigrant advocate, ‘The agent said ICE “was supposed to be concentrating on criminals, not on Dream students,” said Ralph Isenberg, a Dallas businessman who advocates for immigrants and made it his cause to prevent Ms. Zanella from being deported. Mr. Isenberg’s challenges to ICE had kept Ms. Zanella in the country even after the final date for her deportation in February.’

Rev. Johnson and R. Isenberg mentioned two lawyers who have helped bring justice to ICE’s misuse of authority on non-criminal immigrants and law abiding U.S. citizens.

Theodore N. Cox, NY Lawyer:

Founder, owner and lead attorney of the firm has more than 20 years of litigation experience, primarily in federal district and circuit courts, including habeas claims, appeals from the Board of Immigration Appeals, and other appeals in immigration matters.

Joshua Bardavis, NY Lawyer:

Principal attorney, has years of experience in immigration practice. He has successfully litigated hundreds of immigration cases, and has been lead counsel in several precedent setting appeals.

Please take about a half hour of your American Civic duty. All children depend on us for their inherited future.

Manu Martinez


6 January 2012