Americans Elect Organizational History Review



“Americans Elect Organization”

Americans Elect was formed by many of the individuals who were responsible for a previous attempt to nominate (a…n) internet candidate, Unity08, and has substantially identical goals for the 2012 presidential election cycle (Beca Fulcher).

Unity08” may also refer to the 2008 convention of Unity Journalists of Color, Inc.

Unity08 was an American political reform movement that sought to offer all voters an opportunity to directly engage in politics by ranking the most crucial issues facing the country, discussing them with the candidates and engaging in an online, secure vote to nominate a bipartisan alternative to the Democratic Party and Republican Party presidential tickets for the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
[VandeHei, Jim (2006-05-31). “From the Internet to the White House”. The Washington Post. p. A04. Retrieved 2006-10-20.]
Founded in 2006, the group gained attention from various media outlets, with Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter dubbing the group’s efforts a kind of open source politics.[Alter, Jonathan (2006-06-05). “A New Open-Source Politics”. Newsweek. Archived from the original on 2006-10-15. Retrieved 2006-10-21]

In January 2008, Unity08 organizers announced that the group had suspended operations due to funding problems.
[Group suspends ballot access project for bipartisan ticket, Retrieved on 2008-01-11 (Link Broken)]
Americans Elect 2012 is an organization that was formed by many of the individuals that were responsible for Unity 08, and has substantially identical goals for the 2012 presidential election cycle.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Kahlil Byrd, and the chairman is Peter Ackerman.
The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is Joshua S. Levine.
The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Elliot Ackerman, son of Peter Ackerman.
Tom Sansonetti and Chris Arterton[15] are co-chairs of the rules committee.[16]
Wendy Drake is the (Chief Leadership Officer).
Sarah Malm (Chief Communications Officer) and
Daniel Winslow (Chief Legal Counsel) are listed as senior staff.
Doug Schoen works as a paid adviser to Americans Elect.[17]

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With the help of Beca Fulcher from Facebook messages to Manu Martinez (EarthdayFestival).
Edited by Manu Martinez
9 January 2012