Americans Elect Organizational History Review



“Americans Elect Organization”

Americans Elect was formed by many of the individuals who were responsible for a previous attempt to nominate (a…n) internet candidate, Unity08, and has substantially identical goals for the 2012 presidential election cycle (Beca Fulcher).

Unity08” may also refer to the 2008 convention of Unity Journalists of Color, Inc.

Unity08 was an American political reform movement that sought to offer all voters an opportunity to directly engage in politics by ranking the most crucial issues facing the country, discussing them with the candidates and engaging in an online, secure vote to nominate a bipartisan alternative to the Democratic Party and Republican Party presidential tickets for the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
[VandeHei, Jim (2006-05-31). “From the Internet to the White House”. The Washington Post. p. A04. Retrieved 2006-10-20.]
Founded in 2006, the group gained attention from various media outlets, with Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter dubbing the group’s efforts a kind of open source politics.[Alter, Jonathan (2006-06-05). “A New Open-Source Politics”. Newsweek. Archived from the original on 2006-10-15. Retrieved 2006-10-21]

In January 2008, Unity08 organizers announced that the group had suspended operations due to funding problems.
[Group suspends ballot access project for bipartisan ticket, Retrieved on 2008-01-11 (Link Broken)]
Americans Elect 2012 is an organization that was formed by many of the individuals that were responsible for Unity 08, and has substantially identical goals for the 2012 presidential election cycle.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Kahlil Byrd, and the chairman is Peter Ackerman.
The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is Joshua S. Levine.
The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Elliot Ackerman, son of Peter Ackerman.
Tom Sansonetti and Chris Arterton[15] are co-chairs of the rules committee.[16]
Wendy Drake is the (Chief Leadership Officer).
Sarah Malm (Chief Communications Officer) and
Daniel Winslow (Chief Legal Counsel) are listed as senior staff.
Doug Schoen works as a paid adviser to Americans Elect.[17]

15. “The Arena: – Chris Arterton Bio”. 2011-03-31. Retrieved 2011-10-28.
16. “A third-party solution”. The Washington Post. Retrieved 2011-10-28.
17. Doug Schoen: ?Democrat??

With the help of Beca Fulcher from Facebook messages to Manu Martinez (EarthdayFestival).
Edited by Manu Martinez
9 January 2012


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3 Responses to Americans Elect Organizational History Review

  1. earthday2012 says:

    Tonight’s REVOLUTION NOW 2012
    by ForwardBlitz
    in Politics Progressive
    Mon, January 23, 2012 05:00PM

    Call in number to speak with the host
    (424) 675-8317

    Like Unity08, Americans Elect Dishes out Iowa/New Hampshire Rhetoric that Doesn’t Wash.
    4 hours ago
    Reposted from Irregular Times

    By: Jim Cook

    My Comment to Jim’s Cook (above mentioned ‘Like Unity08’ Link article):

    As I begin to learn more about ‘How our Political system works’, and getting to know more about “Americans Elect” I still have an opinion based upon ‘Internet Technology’ and how it can influence any system: Political, Economic, Social, etc.
    Please forgive my ignorance of the details of Primary, Secondary, …elections on a TWO party system: Like getting nominees on the Ballot and how much it costs to get a nominee on the ballot in each state and each state of the Union having its own deadlines and guidelines and fees?
    How do I get on the presidential ballot?
    Emmaus, Pennsylvania

    What just happened recently with with SOPA and PIPA an interview by Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) Jimmy Whales and Sandra Aistars,
    “JIMMY WALES: Well, so, my view is that further protest isn’t really right. We’ve got the attention of Congress. They realize that they can’t just listen to Hollywood. They need to listen to the users of the internet. They need to listen to their voters. The thing to do now is to go back, and all of the things that our friend from ASCAP was just talking about, in terms of thinking about these rogue sites, thinking about people who are really engaged in economic profiteering off of other people’s work in an inappropriate, illegal way, let’s target that activity. Let’s not target Wikipedia, Google. Let’s not set up a DNS censorship regime.

    So, in my view, I think there is a way forward. I think what’s going to happen now, we’ve got, so far, 35 senators, which is up from five before the protest, who have come out against the bill.

    The point being is the use of the Internet is a form of Communication that is affecting the Political system (as what Jimmy Wales stated on its impact of Google, Reddit, Wikipedia and thousands of others protesting the Legislative acts).

    Another example about populous movement (using the Internet is without a doubt a factor):
    Naomi Klien and Yotam Marom were discussing in below conversation which

    Why Now? What’s Next? Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom in Conversation About Occupy Wall Street
    Thursday 10 November 2011
    by: Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom, The Nation | Op-Ed

    “YM: I think there is more possibility right now than I could have ever imagined. I think in the not-so-distant future, we can win a lot of things that actually improve people’s lives, we can continue to change the political landscape, and we can grow into a mass movement with the strength to propose another kind of world and also fight for it.”

    Getting back to Americans Elect (Former Unity 08) has a ‘Technological Factor: Internet as a form of communication’ which is not going to stop but continue to change. For good or bad about Americans Elect its still a ‘Technological Internet Tool’ that can be used for whatever Political purpose.

    This is what I hope to discuss and learn from in tonights Talk show: “if what I said above have any relevance towards making a ‘Constructive Reform Solutions’.”

  2. Beca says:

    I believe several key points were missed here. First, the fact that this entity was funded by one millionaire who also headed the Cato Institute–a conservative think tank. Two, Unity’08 was a Conservative organization, and the same players are now running this “new” entity. I believe I provided information on all or most of the board members–many of whom have a very troubling political background.

    • earthday2012 says:

      Yes. Your input has helped disclose more about the “Americans Elect Organization”. Its important to have Reliable and Truthful sources which will disclose each of these persons who are driving this Third Party Cyber Convention.

      The end result is awareness of “Americans Elect Organization” to those who want to know find out themselves who they are. I personally like the “Cyber Convention” allowing to put a new candidates for nomination other than from the two party system.

      I was attracted to the Americans Elect but now am finding out more about the organizations foundation.

      Manu Martinez

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